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High Stability Hose Clamp
High Stability Hose Clamp

产品型号:SY-80 原产地:台湾


. High stability hose clamp: there are three categories here they are: SY-80, 8L, 8X series.

SY-80 series ━ normal hand through band design.
SY-8L series ━ extended inner lining added onto the inner fringe of band..which prevents soft hose got extruded or even cut off by band slot.

. This protect the soft hose and avoid position-shifting of inner lining when in assembly.

SY-8X series ━ is super lager range band hole number, allowing larger range of usage .., 5 sorts of size hose clamp can cover up to hose clamp dia. From 1 - 1/4" ~ 10 - 1/8"..this sure can help custom cut back their storage pressure. Material spec.

Above three types of series band: width is 15.8 mm, thickness is 0.7 mm, #300 grade S.S.

High Stability Hose Clamp
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