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LED Color Tube
LED Color Tube Hot

产品型号:AM07A 原产地:台湾


1. Milk white or transparent PC tube (Anti-UV), aluminum housing, omniseal design.
2. Smooth and even color distribution, performing full-color pictures well.
3. Multiple special effects completed within 15 sections of the full color linear light, like piling up, chasing, shading.
4. Supporting controller DEWOH, DEWOI, DEWOJ (SPI signal type).
5. Optional accessories: Signal sending box and signal receiving box. (Interval between lamps above 1 meter is recommended to apply.)

公司名称: 凯杰照明股份有限公司
联络人: 陈玫玫 (业务代表)
锺纪圣 (总经理特助)