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T5 Fluorescent light
T5 Fluorescent light Hot

产品型号:5101 原产地:中国 材质:PC 颜色:White


T5 Fluorescent cabinet light with bevel diffuser

Clear diffuser,strip type diffuser available

Polycarbonate and Aluminium material

Suitable for mounting under,in or above kitchen cabinets

Operating voltage:220-240V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz

Replaceable T5 tubes included(6W/13W/14W/21W/28W/35W),with build-in balllast

Power cable included,various color temperature(2700K/4100K/6400K) T5 tubes for option

Fixture can be installed as a single unit or linkable units(sperate connecting cables&direct connectors are supplied)

Three installation ways are available asA/B/C(installation instructions &fixing components are included in the box)

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