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22pcs Completely alternator repair kit set
22pcs Completely alternator repair kit set

产品型号:BTA-22PCS 原产地:台湾


  • Description : 22PCS Complete kit for Bosch and DENSO Type Alternator Pulleys.
    Contents :
  • 3━ Combined Socket for Alternator. T50 x 113mmL Socket; M10 x 113mmL Socket;3/8”Dr.xM10x80mmL W/ Ø14x33T for Fiat.
    1- Bit socket M10x140mmL.
    3━ Teeth Socket: 15mm HEX x 33 teeth; 22mm HEX x 33 teeth,15mm Hex x33 teeth.
    2 ━ 22mm HEX Socket 17mm HEX Socket.
    3- 22x28 mm Hex socket 19x28 mm Hex socket 21x28mm Hex socket.
    1 ━ 35mm Round Socket W/4 pins.
    1 - 38mmHex W/3Pins.
    1 ━ 1/2” Dr. SQ.(F) x 10mm Hex.(F) Bits Adaptor.
    1-M10xH12x64L bit.
    6 ━ 10mm(Hex Shank) x 75mmL CR-V bit: T40, T50, M8, M10, H8, H10.
    Features :
  • Removes and installs press-on-type belt drive accessory pulleys.
  • Works with hand tools or an impact gun.
  • Interchangeable components to work on VW, Audi, Seat, Mercedes Benz, Renault, BMW, Ford Renault, Fiat, etc….
  • Packing : BMC W/Color Sleeve 10sets/ 21/ 22 / 1.6’.

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