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High Precision Four-post Screen Printing Machine
High Precision Four-post Screen Printing Machine

产品型号:WE-1160 LCD


* Application:
o Suitable for LCD panel, acrylic board, plastic board, PP board, leather, glass, metal board and wooden board, etc...
* Model : WE-1106 LCD
o Printing Area (mm) : 1100 x 900
o Max Halftone Size (mm) : 1800 x 1100
o Max Thickness of Print (mm) : 0-10
o Dimension (L x W x H) : 2450 x 2,350 x 1,520 (mm)
o Net WT : 1,800 kg


* Printing speed makes use of frequency-change stepless control. It's available to adjust the different speed on the squeegee printing and inking individually.
* There are X & Y axis of micro-adjusting on the screen printing holder, which is convenient for coloring on the plate.
* The machine, up and down set points, is driven by mechanical lever four columns level. It's precise, stable the long life.
* This machine is equipped with precise and simultaneous molding to fit various kinds of stickiness of ink printing. Nonsticky awarded the new type patent of Central Standard Bureau of Minstry of Economic Affairs. Patent No.109836.
* No matter the thickness or the irregularity is, the printing pressure is able to make up automatically so as to make the squeegee printing stable and the inking even by means of the equivalent pressure device.
* PLC controlling system can reduce the breakdown to maintain easily.
* Degrees of squeegee knife are adjustable, which makes mimeograph more uniformly.
* Custom-made machine is available and welcome.
* Using HMI sysytem (touch panel) is easy to control.

High Precision Four-post Screen Printing Machine
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