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LED 軟光條 3528
LED 軟光條 3528



1. High quality SMD LED from Taiwan. Light degradation less than 10%

after 3000 hrs. High colour consistency.

2. Fully-automated SMT machine soldering,

3. Easy installation with 3M self-adhesive tape.

4. Cuttable every 3leds,easy connection with accessories.

5. Low power consumption,over 50,000hrs life time,ideal for

cove lighting,backlighting,cabinet and showcase lighting.

6.12v or 24v DC optional.White or Brown PCB color optional.pls specify

when ordering.

7. CE&ROHS compliant.

8. 5meter/reel

9. 3528 (0.06W,)SMD LED,120degree ,6 colours available.

10. drive by 12v or 24v DC,

11. cuttable every 3LEDS.

12. waterproof(IP67,IP68,3 3 version optional) and Non-waterproof version available

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