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LED球泡 Hot

產品型號:LL-LB-5W-01 原產地:中國 材質:90%的透光PC罩 顏色:暖白,冷白


LL-E27-LB-7Watt LED light bulbs, with dimmable function, can be matched with traditional dimmer (silicon controlled dimmer). It can replace the dimmable incandescent 60Wattbulbs directly, no need to change the original circuit. The light is uniform and soft, friendly to eyes.

Technical Specifications:

•14pcs 0.5Watt LED, or 7pcs 1Watt Cree MX6 LED
•PC cover with 90% light transmittance
•Beam angle: 180°
•Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80
•Input Voltage: 85-135V/185-265Volt AC
•Color temperature: 2,800 to 3,300K (warm white), 6,000 to 6,500K (cool white)
•LED working temperature: less than 55 degrees Celsius
•Surface finish: sliver or golden
•E27,B22, E26 base are available
•No RF interference
•No flickering or buzzing
•Patented structure
•48 hours aging test must be conducted before delivery


•Replacement for traditional E27 incandescent bulb
•Household, hotel, restaurant, entertainment places, and more

Packaging Details:

•Net Weight:0.06kg
•Gross weight: 0.06kg
•Inner box size: 6.5x6.5x10.7cm
•Carton size: 40x40x33cm
•Quantity per carton: 100pcs

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