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Plastic Rivets(6.6mm*17.2mm)
Plastic Rivets(6.6mm*17.2mm)

產品型號:PR-001-6.6 原產地:台灣


High-quality 20 pieces plastic rivets
Sizes: 6.6mm*17.2mm
Overall dimensions: 1 to 7/8-inch (length) x 7/16-inch (diameter)
Precision-molded industrial strength polyoxymethylene (POM) rivets to securely lock components in place and to prevent pull-outs
Great for fastening plastic to plastic, metal, fiberglass and more
*5mm diameter with 50lbs strength
*0.177 to 0.236-inch grip range
*Beveled round head blind rivets
*Customized sizes are accepted
*Durable body
*Novelty design
OEM and ODM orders are welcome

Plastic Rivets(6.6mm*17.2mm)
公司名稱: 甲舜企業有限公司