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Vibration Sensor
Vibration Sensor

產品型號:VBS06 原產地:台灣


Omni-directional Vibration Detecting

1.Wake up systems for power saving,
Such like remote controllers.
2.GPS starting system
3.Alarm system
4.Anti-theft、Anti-tampered devices.
5.Automatically flashing for bike lamp
6.Subsidiary night lamp flashing for car
8.Outsole of sporting shoes flashing

1.No electricity consumption during detection status.
2.Housing made of high insulation plastic material, free from electric conduction and rust problem.
3.Gold-plated ball and terminals, low possibility of oxidization.
4.All plastic materials subject to industrial purpose, resist high temperature and meet fireproof function.
5.Simple ON and OFF signals, easy for design.
6.RoHS compliance, an ideal substitute for mercury switch.
7.A more economical vibration detection option than IC design solution.
8.All made in Taiwan and examined before shipment.

1.USA PATENT NO. US 7,176,396 B1
3.CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 200610072563.7

●DIMENSIONS / OPERATION / P.C.B. LAYOUT (Unit: mm, Tolerance: ±0.25mm)

This information is applied to SMT type.
Following profile is for reference only. Please use solder paste that solder paste manufacturer recommends.

1.Suggestion for usage:For vibration usage or application,we suggest to add hysteresis for IC; if vibration is heavy,optical type of sensor switch is recommended.
2.For the continued product improvement as one of the company policy, specifications may change or update without notice. The latest information can be obtained through our sales offices. Normally, all products are supplied under our standard conditions.
3.If buyer’s products will stay in power supply for a long time which needs very high stability, optical sensor switch is strongly recommended.

1.If the products is intended to be used for other endurance equipment requiring higher safety and reliability such as life support system, space and aviation devices, disaster and safety system, it’s necessary to make verification of conformity or contact us for the details before using.
2.Do not try to clean the switch with a solvent or similar substance after the soldering process.
3.Use water-soluble flux may damage the switch.
4.If soldering temperature exceeds our specification, sensor switch could get apart.
5.Do not use switch in the environment of high humidity,because such an environment may cause the leakage current between the terminals.
6.More than the rated load may cause fire, so do not use more than the load.
7.In the circuit,switch should not be near or directly connected with the magnetic component solder joints (for example: relays, transformers, etc.).

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