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產品型號:B536F 原產地:台灣


The tubular switch lock with brass housning and cylinder has 7 pin for the mechanism. It is ideal for security devices or cabinets. Meanwhile, vending or gaming machines are also available for your demands. We are specialize in providing quality locks for security concerns, and at the same time, providing high-class outlook for every lock. The model B536F position (off-on) 2 tubular terminals abd spring loaded for momentary contact, and the lock has hex nut mounted as well. Please feel free and contact us for more information today! 

• Contact Rating: 4A 125VAC, 2A 250VAC.
• Contact Resistance: 10 Milli - Ohms Max.
• Insulation Resistance: 500 Meg - Ohms Min. (500VDC)
• Dielectric Strength: 1,500VAC - 1 Minute.

• Brass housing and cylinder.
• Bright chrome plated standard.
• 7 pin tumbler mechanism.
• Steel made tubular keys, nickel plated.
• Key may be withdrawn in one or both positions.
• Silver plated contacts and terminals.
• B536F position (off-on) 2 tubular terminals, spring loaded for momentary contact.
• Hex nut mounted.
• 10,000 combinations available.

公司名稱: 展迪工業有限公司
聯絡人: Mr. Vance Lin (負責人)
Erica Lin (聯絡)