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一維 / 二維 條碼掃描 資料收集器(無線)
一維 / 二維 條碼掃描 資料收集器(無線)

產品型號:iDC9500BM / iDC9507BM 原產地:台灣


*Packet-size design: 100 x 43 x 24.5mm
*2.4GHz wireless radio range: more than 70M
*Scan rate: 100 scans/sec(iDC9500BM)
*Supports Apple iOS, but also Android / Windows devices
*Equipped with 1M memory which can store more than 65,000
EAN13 barcodes
*Provides two operation modes: "data transmission" or "batch mode"
*When iDC9500BM or iDC9507BM connects to iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch,
its left button can raise & lower on-screen keyboard
*Charging: via USB cable

公司名稱: 神鐳光電股份有限公司