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MHL to HDMI Adapter

MHL to HDMI Adapter

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MHL to HDMI Adapter (MHLHD-01)

The N-Tech MHL HDMI Adapter gives you access to your favorite HD videos, games, photos and other media from your phone to your HDTV. This state of the art technology utilizes the existing micro USB port to create a HDMI interface from your portable device while simultaneously charging it.

Optimized for Portable Devices

Your mobile device will directly mirror the content to your HDTV via MHL. It also enables operation of your mobile device in MHL mode so you can continue to use it for normal usage such as receiving calls & e-mails while connected.

Supports HD Video & Digital Surround Sound

Experience HD video content with up to 1080p/60 picture quality, and digital audio up to 192 kHz, capable of delivering 7.1 channel surround sound from your mobile device.

Simultaneous Power Charging

While in MHL mode your device will receive 5 volts/500 mA of power that are simultaneously provided from an HDTV power source or power outlet. In order for the MHL adapter to function power must be present.

Simple Installation from Mobile Device to HDTV

Simple connect your HDMI cable into the N-Tech MHL Adapter and then connect the other end to the HDMI port on your HDTV, next. Your power source to the MHL Adapter via Micro USB. Lastly, connect your MHL adapter to your mobile device’s micro USB port.

Technical Specifications

HDMI out female port
Micro USB 5 pin type port
MHL enabled micro USB Connector
Supports HD Video up to 1080p/60
192 kHz 7.1 Digital Surround Sound

Compatibility List:

Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (Sprint)
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE
Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Samsung GALAXY Note
HTC Amaze 4G
HTC Flyer
HTC Sensation 4G
HTC Sensation XE
HTC Jetstream
HTC Rezound

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