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Mobile phone loudspeaker- ZIMMA
Mobile phone loudspeaker- ZIMMA

產品型號:2K12-GDB-001 原產地:台灣 材質:山毛櫸 (原木一體成型)+ABS+矽膠+尼龍 顏色:山毛櫸原木+閃霧銀喇叭


* For iPhone
4/4s/5、iPod touch 5

1.The ZIMMA’s pronunciation is based on Taiwanese “(crab)”. It is a product for saving energy.
2.Using the ZIMMA (cellphone’s speaker) in order to convey the concept of ecological preservation.
3.Its internal loudspeaker is based on physical principle. ZIMMA the user can hear the caller loud and clear in the room.
4.The design is made of wood. These two horns can boost the sound of your iPhone without any electrical power and they can also adjust directions by individual. They produce a rich resonant sound.

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