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• Digital TV – cable, satellite, and terrestrial broadcasts
• Digital movies – DVDs
• Digital displays – Plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOS
• Digital interactivity – PVRs, MHP, OCAP

• HDMI is the interface in consumer electronics that can carry both uncompressed high-definition (HD) video and uncompressed multi-channel audio in all HD formats including 720p, 1080i and even upcoming 1080p.
• HDMI carries all channels on video and audio, there is only one cable to plug into any HDMI-enabled source device and display.
• HDMI has built-in intelligence that can automatically configure your system on demand.
• Automatic format adjustment matches content to preferred viewing format.
• PC compatibility enables viewing of your PC data on your HDTV.
• Superior, uncompressed digital video and audio quality
• A simple, single cable and user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of
cabling behind the entertainment center
• Integrated remote control
• A popular interface enabling the transmission of high-definition content. HDMI
opens the floodgate of digital content from major motion picture producers

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