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ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor

ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor



The ZigBee STH-M02ZB is a wireless precision temperature and humidity (air-moisture) sensor which allows the user to measure and understand the fluctuations in the environment so that such an environment can be controlled to protect temperature and moisture sensitive products. With its built-in power amplifier, although smaller than STH-03ZB this device has larger wireless range and its routing capability can increase the overall reliability and size of the whole network. When used with a ZigBee Coordinator the user can create a ZigBee Mesh Wireless Network by connecting up to 31 individual STH-MO2ZB T&H Sensors. This allows for data to be quickly and efficiently sent directly to a PC where it can be viewed or stored for later analysis. QuickView Data software allows for individual device analysis. The T&H Sensor uses an external power source through a USB cable.

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