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NEW YORK C+E is an outstanding combination of 22% L-Ascorbic acid plus D-Alpha Tocopherol serum at the appropriate concentration. This high stability and purity L-Ascorbic acid is produced by a special manufacturing technique, which composition using NMP as a solvent to enhance penetration of L-Ascorbic acid into skin .This technique has been patented and granted by PCT.jpatent NO.PCT/US00/16755) and WIPO(World Patent NO.WO00778283AI).lt successfully combines L-Ascorbic acid and D-Vitamin E to be a very stable and strong antioxidant and can against the free radicals, which formed by invasion of the UVA light in the skin.

Active ingredients:
22%L-Ascorbic Acid plus D-Alpha Tocopherol.
Package:10ml/BTLx1 pes.

Method of usage:
Use NEW YORK C*E essence serum twice dayily and apply it after cleaning. Take one drops of skin care cream B5 and 2 drops of NEW YORK C+E essence serum, then mix them together thoroughly and apply it on the face.

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