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GL Batteries Chargers
GL Batteries Chargers



GL Batteries "set and forget" six-bay* rapid battery chargers are designed with your busy radio or scanner fleet in mind. A fast and accurate charge every time, tailored to each individual battery's needs, keeps your portable devices humming for a full shift and more, day in and day out.
Different battery chemistries- nickel-cadmium, nickel metal-hydride, lithium ion or polymer batteries- have different charging needs and end-of-charge parameters. Use of an incorrect charger can severely damage or shorten the service life of your batteries. The GL Batteries microprocessor-controlled charger circuit automatically senses the chemistry of any battery inserted, and delivers the optimum charge algorithm to provide a safe, full charge in the shortest time possible. Most batteries will fully charge within 2-4 hours. When charging is completed, the charger will switch to trickle mode to ensure that batteries can be left safely for a longer period (e.g. overnight) if desired, retaining maximum charge until removal.

Due to poor design and under-powering, average charge rate on many "rapid" multi-chargers will slow down the more batteries you load them up with- resulting in just a 1/6 trickle per battery when fully loaded. Each bay of the GL Batteries true "6 x 6" multi-charging system is independently powered with a more-than-ample 1A+ of current- ensuring the same high charging speed is maintained, whether charging one battery or six.
GL Batteries rapid chargers make use of user-replaceable battery adaptor cups. Cups are available to suit most popular two-way radio and barcode scanner models. The same charging system can be used no matter the variety of models in use in your fleet- and, when upgrading or replacing your equipment, new adaptor cups can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement chargers.
Please contact us for full details on prices and available adaptors.
* Single bay and quad (4-bay) chargers are also available. All chargers make use of the same adaptor cup series.
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