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Intel® 3rd-Gen Core™ i7/i5 Fanless Vision System

Intel® 3rd-Gen Core™ i7/i5 Fanless Vision System


Intel® 3rd-Gen Core™ i7/i5 Fanless Vision System with 4x GigE PoE and Deterministic Trigger I/O

Nuvis-3304af is a vision system dedicatedly designed for machine vision applications. Inheriting Neousys’ proven fanless architecture and Power-over-Ethernet technology, Nuvis-3304af combines superb computing performance, integrated camera interfaces and great reliability in its compact chassis.
As accurate trigger/strobe control is crucial for vision applications, Neousys developed a new technology, Deterministic Trigger I/O, or DTIO, on Nuvis-3304af. Unlike legacy isolated DIO, this patent-pending DTIO technology allows users to program a deterministic timing correlation between input and output signals at a resolution of 25 microseconds. With DTIO, your vision system can have extremely precise control for proximity sensor input, strobe output and camera trigger.
Camera connectivity is another key for vision systems. In addition to integrated PoE and USB3 ports, Nuvis-3304af is provided with Neousys’ patent Cassette design for PCIe/PCI expansion. By installing dedicated interface card, Nuvis-3304af can work with analog, 1394, Camera Link or CoaXPress camera. Or you can integrate a motion control card to fulfill a all-in-one inspection system.
Combining the quad-core CPU performance, PoE/USB3 camera interface, innovative DTIO and Cassette technology, Nuvis-3304af is the perfect platform for you vision application.

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