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FLANEL Clamp System
FLANEL Clamp System

產品型號:PRS2 / PRS3 / PRS4 / PRS5


Glue Perfect Wood Panels.Four-way clamping pressure and balanced clamping force is what you need to make the perfect panel. The Flanel is your answer. Its unique linkage mechanism levels glue joints as it is tightened. Its vertical nature keeps clamping space to a minimum while making the glue-up easier to do. Easy to clean aluminum extrusion construction means your clamps are always ready for work when you are.

(PRS2) 1 aluminum trail + 2 clamps.
(PRS3) 1 aluminum trail + 3 clamps.
(PRS4) 1 clamp only.
(PRS5) aluminum trail only.

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