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Classic Design Recessed LED Light Fixture, IP44 High Efficiency Light
Classic Design Recessed LED Light Fixture, IP44 High Efficiency Light

產品型號:FLSD101.02 原產地:中國 材質:金屬外殼,鋁制散熱器 顏色:銀色


1. Compact and classic design, being eye-catching, newly design product of ANOVA Lighting company.

2. Made with steel housing and cold forged aluminum heat sink, good in heat dissipation management.

3. Owns high efficiency:low power consumption but super brightness output. Lumen output is 499lm while light intensity is 583cd.

4. Eco-friendly product: no heat, UV or ingrared in the beam.

5. Healthy product: with CE&RoHS certificates approving, to be eye-protecting, anti-glare and never flashing product, offering warm lighting and no hazard for human body.

6. Energy saving: compared with traditional halogen bulbs, the energy-saving is up to 85%, Light source with LED Driver 5W 350mA power consumption.

7. Customized available: can be developed and manufactured on your request, and bring your ideas into reality!

8. Widely supplied for hotel, restaurant,home, etc. IP44, suitable for bathroom lighting.

9. Customized is welcome, can bring your ideas into reality!

10. Beam angle is 54degree, large lighting areas for different using.

11. Recessed latest product, accompanied with mechanical spring, to be cutout in 77mm when setting up, extremely convenience in installation.

12. Compact and tiny design, diameter is 87mm, and height to be 44mm, occupies with tiny space.

公司名稱: 佛山市南海昇和電器有限公司