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原產地:台灣 材質: 顏色:鍍鉻、鍍鋅、鍍鎳…依客戶需求


We produce choke chain, tie out chains for dogs, as the name implies, they are made of metal links and is designed to control your dog by tightening around your dog's neck.

It is supposed to sit high up on the dog's neck just behind her ears.

These adjustable dog chain collars are chrome plated, nickel plated, zinc plated, argon welded…etc. and made of high quality steel materials.

The sizes come from dia 1.6mm to 4.5mm, length 8” to 20”, sizes also can be customized.

They are well welded and are easy to use.

A ring is also provided so that leash can be attached to the collar, or different accessories of rings can be chosen.

This makes handling of your dog easy.

We also can provide tags printing upon customers’ logo/artwork, and attach the tags on the choke chain.

公司名稱: 騏嶺實業有限公司
聯絡人: Mr. Andy Wu
Ms. Cindy Wu