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CNC Heavy Duty Powerful Lathe
CNC Heavy Duty Powerful Lathe Hot

產品型號:DHK 960, 1120, 1220~1620 x 1500~6000 原產地:台灣


SPINDLE BORE: 9", 10",12", 15", 20"
-only fit to swing over bed over 1120mm
BED WIDTH: 32" (810mm)
*Standard accessories shall be subject to the quotation.

1. This is a heavy duty precision CNC lathe that has the function of output full horse power
during low & high speed, available for big, special parts and mold work pieces.
2. The structure of Bed is adopted high toughness meehanite cast iron; stabilize properly
parallel precision, Bed ways are induction hardened and ground.
3. The slide way and ball screw can be lubricated automatically by central lubrication system.
Oil flow and lubrication frequency can be set as desired. An alarm occurs in case of lack of
4. The coolant system delivers high pressure coolant to flush chips and extend tool service life.
5. Mechanical and electrical are designed all in one.

CNC Heavy Duty Powerful Lathe
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