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Automotive Diesel Compression Test Set
Automotive Diesel Compression Test Set

產品型號:CTIT-A520 原產地:台灣


‧A basic set for Diesel work in the American market.
‧Tester has a handy deflator for releasing air & retesting.
‧A 16-1/2" wire reinforced hydraulic hose has a quick coupler on
a swivel for ease of connection.
‧A 2-1/2" gauge with easy to read red and black dial & snap-in lens.
Records pressures from 0-1000 PSI and 0-70 kg/cm2.
‧Adapters for All GM, Isuzu , Lincoln Mark Vll and Continental,
Ford/Navistar, Audi, Mercedes, Peugeot, Toyota, VW, Volvo-
Bacharach conversion adapter also included.

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