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電動-手動 兩用專業通管器
電動-手動 兩用專業通管器

產品型號:DA00013 原產地:台灣


Pro Power Hand Spinner Auger attaches easily to a drill for optimum clearing of small and medium sized household drains.

>Durable music wire cable
>30 ft.(9.1m) cable with 5/16 in.(8mm) diameter provides adequate reach into drains helping clear household clogs
>Use to clear clogs in small and medium household drains ( 3/4 in. to 3 in. (19mm-75mm) lines up to 30 ft.(9.1) long)
>For most sink, shower and tub drains
>Includes easy to operate keyless chuck
>Attaches to your power drill
>Rust proof plastic drum

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