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DC Output UPS
DC Output UPS

產品型號:AD-100L / 150L / 200L / 300L BD-200L / 300L 原產地:台灣


The UPS is an on-line DC output UPS with the most advanced design of universal input, 110V/220V, and frequency auto-detect, 47Hz - 70Hz. With the high efficiency switching type of converter, the UPS is able to provide stable DC output at any input voltage, and zero transference from utility power (normal mode) to backup mode (battery mode) or from backup mode to normal mode. The model is suitable for using with security systems, fire alarm systems, or any other equipment with DC output power 24V (optional for 48V & 12V).

Micro-processor based design
Universal input range (110V / 220V)
On-line structure, zero transference
Protection for overload / short-circuit

DC Output UPS
DC Output UPS
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