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A689 Cylinder liners Extractor Tool

A689 Cylinder liners Extractor Tool



.Cylinder liner puller complete with support brace.
Wet heavy-vehicle (e.g. Mercedes Benz, MAN) cylinder liners, automobile and stationary-engine liners, and other parts may be extracted using this puller Operation: The spindle of the counter-support brace is screwed into the clamping nut of the puller, and the puller inserted into the liner. The counter-support brace is placed on to the cylinder block. Due to the newly-developed
spreading system, when the spindle is turned, all three jaws spread quickly and without difficulty, until they are firmly seated beneath the edge of the liner. Then the nut of the counter-support brace is tightened. Suitable for cylinder liner Ø 60 - 160 mm
.PACKING : Blow Case 2 sets/17kgs/18kgs/1.2’

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