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A630203 Gasket Scraper Set

A630203 Gasket Scraper Set



A630203 Gasket Scraper Set
.For cleaning cylinder heads, removing old sealants carbon build up. Hardened, tempered carbon steel shanks and heads are 'offset to edge' to allow scraping of fisurfaces easily with chrome finish for protection against corrosion Simple 'firmer' style beveled points with longer head lengths for scrapers to be re-ground several times for maximum service life
.Size: ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”
.MATERIAL: Blade: Carbon Steel, Handle: PP
.PACKING: Sliding Card 12sets/36sets/19.7kgs/20.7kgs/2.4’

A630403LR 3 Pcs Gasket Scraper Set
.1pc Straight gasket scraper
.1pc 17 degree gasket scraper
.1pc 45 degree gasket scraper
.MATERIAL: Blade: Carbon Steel, Handle: PP
.PACKING: Color Box 10 sets /20 sets /16.4kgs/17.4kgs/2’

A630505 5 Pcs Gasket Scraper Set
.Manufactured from carbon steel, hardened, tempered and stain chrome finished with shot blast scraper end
.For cleaning cylinder heads etc, and removing old sealants and carbon etc
.Size: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2“
.MATERIAL: Blade: Carbon Steel, Handle: PP+TPR
.PACKING: Blow Mold Case 10 sets/15kgs/16kgs/1.5'

A630203 Gasket Scraper Set
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