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A634201-11 Extended Razor Scraper

A634201-11 Extended Razor Scraper

A634201-11 /A634201A/A634405


A634201-11 Extended Razor Scraper
.Long handled razor scraper. Suitable for scraping gaskets and also for removing labels, stickers and overspray from car windows
.Safe storage of spare blades in handle. Supplied with three razor and
three plastic blades
.MATERIAL: Knife:K5, Handle: PVC
.PACKING: Sliding Card 12sets/72sets/11kgs/12kgs/2’

A634201A Extended Razor Scraper
.Sharp, hardened steel blades remove carbon, old gasket material, sludge and other hard-to-clean substances
.Comes complete with three blades
.MATERIAL: Knife: K5, Handle: PVC
.PACKING: Sliding Card 12 sets/72 sets/11kgs/12kgs/2’

A634405 Scraper Adapter Set
.Fitting any screwdriver handles with 1/4" hex bit holder
.Work with all standard razor blades
.Metal blade removes paint or stickers from windows
.Plastic blade removes stickers without damaging or scratching finish.
.PACKING: White Box 12 sets/96 sets/11kgs/12kgs/1'

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