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A853524 Dual Mass Flywheel - Special Tool (DMF)

A853524 Dual Mass Flywheel - Special Tool (DMF)



.Many vehicle manufacturers choose to equip new models with a Dual Mass Flywheel – and the trend is growing
.The advantages for DMF are not only reducing emissions of state-of-the-art engines, but also reducing noise to keep the enviroment
.The DMF characteristics are precisely attuned to each vehicle
.Always checking the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) when replacing the clutch
.A worn and defective DMF can damage the newly installed clutch!
.A 100% functional test of the Dual Mass Flywheel includes among other things testing the characteristics of the Arc Springs during compression
.This testing can be only be carried out using a special test facility
.In addition, your assessment of the DMF’s operational reliability should be based on the following criteria:
• grease egress
• condition of the friction surface (e.g. signs of thermal load / thermal cracks)
• noise emissions
• condition of the clutch, etc
• mileage
.When uncertain, always replace the DMF with the clutch.
1pc Slotted Bar
1pc Degree Gauge
1pc DTI Stand
1pc DTI Gauge
2pcs Ring Gear Locking Dogs
3pcs Ring Gear Locking Dog Spacers
1pc Degree Gauge Locking Bar
2pcs M6 Adaptor
2pcs M7 Adaptor
2pcs M8 Adaptor
.PACKING : Blow Mold Case

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