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A911528 27 Pcs Glow Plug Tool Set

A911528 27 Pcs Glow Plug Tool Set

A911528 27 Pcs Glow Plug Tool Set


.Designed for removal of damaged/broken glow plugs from cylinder heads.
.Suitable for glow plugs with a M8-M9-M10 thread
.Set includes all required adaptors, centering and cleaning tools to safely remove glow plug without damaging engine
.Core drill ø8.1 for M9×1.0 thread x 1pc
.Thread tap M9 × 1.0 x 1pc
.Core drill ø9.1 for M10×1.0 thread x 1pc
.Thread tap M10 × 1.0 x 1pc
.Milling cutter for glow plug electrode x 1pc
.Thread tap M8x1.0 x 1pc
.Core drill ø5.5 for NO.12×28 UNF thread x 1pc
.Thread tap NO.12×28 UNF x 1pc
.Adapter for power drill x 1pc
.Special drill ø2.6 x 1pc
.Special drill stand x 2pcs
.Tie bolt M8 ×1.0 (180mm long) x 2pcs
.Glow plug extractor, M8 x 1 (Bearing) x 1pc
.Puller guide bushing x 1pc
.Puller holder M8 x 1.0 thread x 1pc
.Glow plug top remover 2.5, 3.5, 4mm (3pcs)
.PACKING : Blow Mold Case 5 sets/11.5kgs/12.5kgs/1.5'
.Jaws driver with T-handle x 1pc
.Drill guide bushing ø17.5×38 x 1pc
.Drill guide bushing ø17.5×63 x1pc
.Cleaning Brush: 5.3mmx100mm overall length: 300mm x 1pc
.Cleaning Brush: 9mmx100mm overall length: 300mm x1pc
.Cleaning Brush:10mmx100mm overall length: 300mm x 1pc
.1/2" Sq. Drive Adapter (10mm HEX) X1pc

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