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CNC 搪床

CNC 搪床

HBM-110 & 130


Model: HBM-110 & 130
Spindle Motor (30min/cont.): 22/26 kw
Speed (Max.): 2500 (3000) rpm
Tapper: BT-50
Diameter Ø110/130 mm
Worktable Travel X axis (Horizontal): 2000~8000mm
Spindle Travel Y axis (Vertical): 1800 mm
Column Moving Travel Z axis: 1800mm
Spindle Travel (W axis): 500/700mm
Rotary Table: 1440x1600 (op: 1600x1800) mm

Standard Accessories:
Fanuc - 0iMF Plus Controller
Tools and Box
Foundation Screws and Bolts
Spindle Oil Cooler
Working Lamp
ATC Chain Type 40 Tools
Spindle Support 250mm
MPG (Manual Pause Generator)
Auto Lubrication System
Steel Belt Chip Conveyor with Cart

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