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Multifunction Power Station KT-BP01

Multifunction Power Station KT-BP01



.Selectable LED Flashlight 10Wmax.
.Warning Light
.Emergency Lighting
.100W DC to AC Inverter
.3 Port USB 36W max.
.Cigarette Lighter Receptacle DC12V/10A max.
.Digital Status Display
.Timer Function
.12V / 17AH Lead Acid Battery
.LiFePO4 Battery (option)
.Temperature Controlled Fan

2-1. General Safety Precautions
Do not expose the unit to rain, snow, spray or dust, To reduce the risk of fire hazard, do not cover or obstruct the ventilation openings and do not install the unit in a zero-clearance compartment.
To avoid the risk of fire and electric shock, make sure that the existing wiring is in good electrical condition, and the wire size is not undersized.
This equipment contains components which can produce arcs or sparks.To prevent fire or explosion do not install in compartment containing batteries or flammable materials or in location which require ignition protected equipment. This includes any space containing gasoline-powered machinery, fuel tanks, or joints, fittings, or other connection between components of the fuel system.

2-2. Other Safety Notes
Upon receipt, examine the carton box for damage. If you have found any damage on the carton box please notify the company you purchased this unit from.
Do not operate near water or in excessive humidity.
Do not open or disassemble the unit, and warranty may be voided.
Install the unit in a well-ventilated area. Do not block the side air.
Mount the unit such that the fan axis is horizontal.
Do not operate the unit close to combustible gas or open fire.
Do not operate appliances that may feed power back into the unit.
Temperature: The unit should be operated in an ambient temperature range of -20℃ to 40℃ otherwise the output efficiency may be affected. Air flow to the unit must not be blocked.

Multifunction Power Station KT-BP01
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