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PP/HDPE High Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Line
PP/HDPE High Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Line

產品型號:HY-100W, HY-120W, HY/SP-90H, HY/SP-110H


The extrusion machine is designed for producing PP/HDPE flat yarn. Maximum PP melting output. Capacity is 100-150&200-300 kg. hr, and the unit is equipped with a tube filter and rotary blade slitting system. The machine has less down time and prevents production loss. The pressure rollers of the take-off unit are pneumatically controlled, and have synchronized control electronic system. European screw, gearbox, static mixer, auto screen filter changer and human machinery interface fibrillator are available to meet special requirements.

Tensile strength 4. 5kg-5kg per 1. 000 Denier
Special request 6. 5kg per 1. 000 Denier
Flat yarn denier : 700-1. 500 Denier
Special request : 1. 000-6. 000 Denier
Stretching Ratio : 3-9 Times
Quenching system : water bath or chill roll

公司名稱: 昊佑精機工業有限公司
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