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Home Diy Air Compressor
Home Diy Air Compressor

產品型號:357 原產地:中國


 Automatic reset thermal overload protector
 Maintenance-free Oil-less design
 Easy storage for all accessories
 Heavy duty, gearless, direct drive, powerful motor
 Typical air compressor noise is significantly reduced
 Perfect compressor for home usage such as inflation,brad nailing, stapling, air brushing and more
 Max. Flow Rate: 41LPM (1.44CFM)
 28 LPM (0.99 CFM)/40 PSI
 20 LPM (0.71 CFM)/90 PSI
 Operation Duration: Continuous
 Low Noise Operation (70dB)
 Dimensions (LxWxH):
400x180x342mm (with 1.7 GA air tank)
400x180x371mm (with 2 GA air tank)
 Weight: 5.56 kg (with 1.7 GA air tank)
6.19 kg (with 2 GA air tank)
 Built-in Pressure Switch:
with 1.7 GA air tank:
Cut-in Pressure: 5.1BAR (75PSI)
Cut-out Pressure: 8.6BAR (100PSI)
with 2 GA air tank:
Cut-in Pressure: 6.9 BAR (100PSI)
Cut-out Pressure: 8.6 BAR (125PSI)

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