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Door Lifts
Door Lifts

產品型號:DL250, DL150 原產地:台灣


MODEL DL250 Capacity: 250 KG
Medium – Lift Jack
*This new equipment is ideally designed for removing and installing various kind doors of vans, passenger cars and trucks.
*Allow easy one-man operation. Help you to save manpower, time and raise efficiency as well as quality work.
*Foot-operated hydraulic jack and lowering pedal allow for easy control of the raising and lowering of the load.
*Adjustable mounting bars can hold doors of most sizes; preventing the door from being damaged with rubber pads.
*Four swivel caster wheels and a push handle provide easy maneuvering and the brakes on the two rear swivel caster wheels provide easy positioning.
N.W. 61 KG G.W. 64.5 KG CUFT. 3.9’
MODEL DL150 Capacity: 150 KG
*Most features are the same as model DL250.
*Raising or lowering of load is controlled by a geared handle.
N.W. 55.3 KG G.W. 57.3 KG CUFT. 3.6’

Door Lifts
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