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•All the safety torsion fixtures and drill sleeves are designed with rapid adapter. So that it's more convenient to change the cutters. Especially, the tap fixtures are designed with safety torsion device, the torsion may be adjusted as you need, for example, different material and size need different torsion. Under this function, prevent the tap from being broken.

•The reducer is made with synchronizing gears. Operator may change different speed rate as he need while operating and the safety of the gears are ensured.

•The total height is 570m/m and the center of gravity is only 280m/m, with this result, the machinc body is not easy to be fallen down. And the magnetic force can attain its function perfectly.

•MTM-930A & MTM-922A are with six speed rates (max. 756R.P.M min. 51R.P.M) which make the operator easily to choose the suitable speed to cut different material and different size of hole.

•The distributor is located on the top of machine in order to prevent it from the damage resulting from being fallen down.

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