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Self Tapping Screw
Self Tapping Screw



Self tapping screw series has always been one of the top-selling product line of Landwide Co., Ltd. With 28 years of experiences and advanced technology, we aim to join the global screw market. As a professional self tapping screws supplier, we provide not only finished screws, but custom ordered self tapping screw as well.

Landwide Co., Ltd. has been cultivating in Taiwan's screw industry for over 20 years, building up a trust-worthy reputation. After laying the firm groundwork, we upgraded the company from staff, research & development team, manufacturing process, to equipments and technology, hoping to be fully prepared for the competitive self tapping screw market. We are proud to present you our reliable and durable self tapping screw series.

Other than self tapping screws, Landwide's major product line includes self drilling screw, concrete screw, roofing screw, window screw, TEK screw, and deck screw. Every self tapping screw from Landwide has passed strict manufacturing and quality control process, which include mounting press, grinding & polishing, micro hardness testing, torsional test, and salt spray test. Looking for quality self tapping screw? Just send your inquiry to Landwide today, and find out more self tapping screw information. Landwide Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes your orders.

公司名稱: 嶙旺股份有限公司