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1/4" Air Hydraulic Blind Riveter (Vacuum Type)



Rivet Capacity:
Standard blind rivet Ø4.8-6.4,
Blind rivet magnalock/monbolt/orlock Ø4.8-6.4
Working pressure: 85~ 95 psi (5.97~ 6.67 kgs/cm2)
Stroke: 15mm.(0.59")
Traction power: 1,695 kgs(3,740 lbs)
Nosepieces: 3/16,7/32,1/4 inch(4.8,5.6,6.4mm)
Vacuum: Yes
Air consumption: 4.4 CFM
Length of placing head: 278.1mm
Height: 306 mm
Length of placing head: 305mm
Base diameter: 88.6mm
Net Weight: 4.3 lbs (1.95 kgs)
Packing: 8pcs/Ctn/4 Cuft/GW:24.5kgs
* Lightweight and ergonomically designed.
* Press lightly trigger for pulling and spinning out.
* Spin-on, pull-up, spin-out action.
* It can be suspended or hand-held.
* Air-hydraulic operation.
* Heavy duty plastic body.
* Bi-directional 360 rotation air hose universal joint.
* Brand-new technology, have low recoil of shockless , can reduce part of tools consume, and the operator is tired.
* Can be connected universal joint and opened or closed in order to reduce the consumption of air easily.
* Safety valve, automatically release the pressure when the pressure is over the set 110 psi to protect from the operator and tool.

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