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Water Pump
Water Pump


1. Design
Latest OEM specifications are adopted in the design of Suntech water pumps; Strengthened wall thickness of castings, ball/roller bearings are applied as OE design to increase the durability and life.
2. Components
Castings are made of standards-compliant brand materials and no recycled material is accepted as a substitute; Castings are precisely machined to reach designed dimension/geometric tolerance and surface roughness; Castings are enhanced by heat treatment where appropriate.
Superior bearings passed 100% noise test, to ensure the minimum vibration and maximum load capacity.
Unitized seals made of high quality materials passed 100% leakage test.
3. Assembly
Hubs and impellers are vertically mounted onto bearing shafts to minimize possible vibration;
Real-time display of pressure value and mounting heights are applied in the assembly process.
4. Quality Control
Effective quality system and stringent inspection criterions are performed during the whole process of manufacturing;
Water pumps receive 100% leakage test and thorough inspection in house before delivery.

公司名稱: 上海尚泰汽車零部件制造有限公司