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Thin LED Ceiling Light
Thin LED Ceiling Light



Product Features:
*Energy Cost Saving: Thin LED ceiling light is a drop replaceable solution to existing standard ceiling light with 4*60cm fluorescent tubes. But it saves 42% energy with high efficiency LED lighting design.
*Maintenance Cost Saving: Thin LED ceiling light provides 50,000 hours of operation life. It is five times life of standard fluorescent tube. User can save more than 80% maintenance cost in long operation applications.
*Comfort Vision: Thin LED ceiling light provides homogenous light source, no hot spot, and no stacking shadow. And it also provides saturated color rendering which gives user similar vision under sun. It gives human eyes most comfortable vision.
*Quality Product: Thin LED ceiling light is UL & CE certified. And it is also an US Energy Star & Taiwan Green Product qualified product (pending to 2009 Q3).
*Environment Friendly: Thin LED ceiling light is compliant to RoHS & REACH. With energy saving and long life features, to minimum pollution on our only planet is our commitment.

Product Information:
*Parts Number: 95.80200.121 / 95.80200.171 / 95.80200.181

General Characteristics:
*Case Material: Aluminum
*Optics Material: Flame Resistive PC
*Intensity Degradation 90% @ 25℃: 10,000 hrs
*Intensity Degradation 70% @ 25℃: 50,000 hrs
*Operation Temperature: -40-65℃

Optical Characteristics:
*Total Flux: 2500lm / 3000lm / 3000lm
*Optical Efficiency: 60lm/w
*Color Temperature: 3000K / 5700K / 6500K
*Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85
*Viewing Angle: 110°
*Uniformity of Light Surface: 70%

Electrical Characteristics:
*Input Power: 90-264 VAC / 50-60Hz
*Power Consumption: 50W
*Power Efficiency: 85%
*Power Factor: 90%
*Insulation: 600V

Mechanical Characteristics:
*Light Module Dimension: 600*600*13.4mm
*Light Emitting Area: 540.0*540.0mm
*Power Supply Dimension: 149.8*61.2*32.9mm
*Total Height: 46.3mm
*Carton Dimension: 722*283*718mm
*Packing Quantity: 4pcs

Thin LED Ceiling Light
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