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3W MR16 LED Lamp
3W MR16 LED Lamp



Product Features:
*Energy Saving: The 3W MR16 LED bulb is equivalent brightness to 20W Haiogen bulb. Just replacing it now, It saves 85% energy consumption.
*Maintenance Cost Saving: The 3W MR16 LED bulb provides 30,000 hours of operation life. It is 15 times life of standard halogen bulb. User can save more than 95% maintenance cost in long operation applications.
*Health Care: The 3W MR16 LED bulb is an UV & electromagnetic radiation free lighting environment. So it reduced damage on the objects which was projected.
*Quality Care: The 3W MR16 LED bulb is UL, CE safety certified. And it is also an Energy Star compliant product (pending to 2009 Q3).
*Environment Friendly: 3W MR16 LED bulb is a green product. 3W MR16 LED bulb is using recyclable aluminum casing, which is RoHS & REACH compliant. With energy saving and long life features, to minimum pollution on our only planet is our commitment.

Product Information:
*Parts Number: 95.90800.121

General Characteristics:
*Body Material: Aluminum
*Lens Material: Transparent PC
*Intensity Degradation 90% @ 25℃: 10,000 hrs
*Intensity Degradation 70% @ 25℃: 30,000 hrs
*Operation Temperature: -20-40℃

Photometric Characteristics:
*Total Flux: 120lm
*Nominal Optical Efficiency: 35lm/W
*Color Temperature: 2800K
*Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85
*Viewing Angle: 25°
*Uniformity of Light Surface: 70%

Electrical Characteristics:
*Input Voltage: 12 VAC/DC
*Power Consumption: 3.5W
*Power Efficiency: 85%

Mechanical Characteristics:
*Overall Length: 51.2mm
*Reflector Length: 38.4mm
*Reflector Diameter: 50.6mm
*Tube Pin Distance: 5.3mm
*Tube Pin Length: 7.6mm

3W MR16 LED Lamp
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