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Automatic Clothes Hanger Forming & Making Machine

Automatic Clothes Hanger Forming & Making Machine



We, Yi Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.is one of the best Hanger forming & making machines in Taiwan.
Yi Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.is specialized in the manufacture of whole plant wire clothes hanger forming & making machinery, including wire straightening machine, plastic coating machine, wire cutting machine and forming machine.
The speed of machine is adjustable. High production capacity.
Easy and safe operation.
Our machines have won a good reputation and reliable performance.
Our principle is to offer excellent quality, reasonable price and durable machines.
Your satisfaction is our prime directive.
Please don't hesitate to contact with us.
We sincerely hope to co-operate with you in the future.

Basic combinations of clothes hanger whole plant equipment
(1)(a) JTM-101+ JTM-102A
(b) JTM-101+JTM-102B
‧with plastic coating
‧w/o plastic coating, only iron wire clothes hanger forming

Automatic operation, easy to operate, save labor
‧High Productivity: 2700 pcs/hour
‧Power: 2 HP
‧Wire Dia: Ø1.7 ~ 3.0 m/m
‧Size: 190x140x140cm (LxDxH)
‧Weight: 600 kgs

公司名稱: 毅昌盛機械有限公司
地址: 247 新北市蘆洲區仁愛街212巷6-1號
電話: 886-2-2281-6013, 8286-6286 Cellphone: 0935-076572
傳真: 886-2-2281-3865
網址: www.yichangsheng.com.tw