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1. As a whole weldment, hydraulic drives and
swing beam are employed in this machine,
reasonable and reliable in design, compact
and durable for it's body, sound in operation
, convenient for service and high in section
shearing quality.
2. The clearance between the edges of the upper
and lower blades is adjusted with the handle
and the value is indicated on the dial, scinple,
quick, correct and reliable in adjusting.
3. The rack stonke can be adjusted steplessly. It's pressing force can be automatically adjusted according to the
thickness of the plate to be sheared. A light matching device is also equipped. The machine is convenient for
use for it has a digital displaying device to show the size of the back gauge and numbers of shearing.
4. An interlock between protective roils and electricity is employed, while power switches and mechanical
interlocking devices are equipped in the electrical box for the sake of safe operation and service

公司名稱: 洲良企業有限公司