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Big size paper core cutting machine,paper tube recutter
Big size paper core cutting machine,paper tube recutter

產品型號:Big paper core recutter 原產地:台灣


Easy Big paper core recutter, Master Paper Core Cutting machine, Big diameter thick wall paper core cutting machine
Safe and easy, Dusts Free, Auto cutting from Orders,
Working size: 4’ four feet, 5’ five feet
Objects: spiral paper core, or parallel rewind paper core tubes, convolute paper core
One machine for all sizes: within 230 mm – 700 mm diameter, no needs to change parts, no needs to change dies, molds, no needs to adjust
In Efficient Silent Dust Free cutting operation by servo drive , motion on linear motion table slides, motion by high precision ball screw transmission.
Effective wall thickness: common diameter 10-25 mm T, 30 mm is workable also
Core diameter: big paper core inside diameter: 230 mm to 700 mm, aceeptable
Bottom Rotation: by dual parallel shafts
Cutting width: 10mm, for example, or trimming, or others, send FAQ to us
Capacity: 3 to 8 cutting cycles per one minute
Electricity control: by HMI-humane machine interface, with PLC programs setting,
Cutting Programs Orders input by operator setting, easy and simple, the cutting size
Width how many pieces, and total how many pieces,
Auto calculation, the total quantity cutting nos. reached, machine will auto stop
Cutting width and cutting nos. setting by finger touch computer monitor screen panel top input the cutting width distance, and how many nos. of cutting, input, enter, it starts to go on cutting,
Models: 4 feet length ( paper core tube length or width ), 5 feet length,
Machine in fully automatic cutting,
Fittest applications: slitter rewind for thin stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, precision slitting.

Big size paper core cutting machine,paper tube recutter
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