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Coin Payphone

Coin Payphone



The CX-910 is a newly generation multi coin operated payphone that provide operator large or small with rewarding business opportunity. Its stylish outlook and compact size make it perfect payphone to install at either public or semi-public areas. City sidewalks, retail stores, mall, hotel chains, airports, restaurants, convention centers, colleges and hospitals are all potential sites that allow you reap the benefits of installing CX-910.
The enhanced CX-920 model has all the standard features of the CX-910 with additional coin accepted features by mounting coin acceptor with dual channels which will perform the coin collection correspond to the tariff rate, and refund unused coin according to the best change.

CX-910 and CX-920 are true line powered payphones that coin operate without external power. Once the CX-910 and CX-920 are installed, the owner, by using keypad as regular, may locally change parameters and configuration, and carry out tests or diagnostics, such as, even coin changes, it can be performed locally by the owner to calibrate new coin acceptance, each operation is guided by the display and keypad. Alternatively, using the PMS (Payphone Management System) as an option, all features are available from a remote location. such as revenue reporting, fault report, and parameters download...etc., Both models of CX-910 and CX-920 payphones have proven reliability and require minimal maintenance for ownership of operation with low-cost.

>>Main Features:
‧Coin Acceptor with single channel (optimum change)
‧Dot Matric LCD display(16digits x 1line)
‧IDD/ STD /Local Call
‧New Call
‧Volume Control
‧Free Call programmability
‧Call Barring
‧Coin Box with Lid
‧Metal Housing with heavy duty
‧Adaptable to different tariff metering signal 12/16kHz & Polarity reversal
‧Coin Jam release
‧Anti Stuffing Device
‧Vault Coin Door
‧PABX connection
‧Unused coins refund
‧Visual and Voice Prompt
‧Incoming Call Receiving

Optional Features
‧Communicates with Comex's PMS
‧LCR(Least Cost Routing) Dialing
‧ Wall Mount Backboard
‧Operation temperature : -5°C~50°C
‧Storage temperature : -20°C~60°C
‧Humidity : 5%~95%

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