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Chip Card Payphone
Chip Card Payphone



MX-05 is a Card Payphone with multiple language selection. .Users can easily learn various messages such as dialed number, remaining credit balance, remaining talk time via LCD.

>>Main Features:
‧Multiple language (English, Farsi, German, Arabic... etc.
‧Reliable operation from microprocessor control
‧The payphone has a facility to prevent fraud due to line tapping by un-authorized sources
‧Permit Incoming, local call, long distance call, international call, Emergency and special service number dialing without coin insertion
‧Line powered by the central office, regardless of polarity
‧DTMF/Pulse selection
‧Module designed, Low maintenance cost
‧Provide full management facilities for maintenance reporting, call accounting management, call detail reporting and downloading of software or parameter from a centrally located Payphone Management System (PMS)

公司名稱: 眾徠科技有限公司