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產品型號:LF-GC18 原產地:台灣 材質:PP 顏色:white


Multi-function Plant Growth Chamber

Plant your own vegetables all years round.
No bugs and pesticides, only clean and healthy.
All you need is a small place and a little DIY effort.
Healthy Vegetables, Healthy Life, Happy Family!
In the other way, you can breed your butterflies or insects
Home Garden (Bug-Free Cage)
US, Japan Patent
Name: Multi-function plant growth chamber.
Purpose: Suitable for both soil and water cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits year-round.

Do you want to have own vegetable garden?
Do you want to eat safety and clean vegetable?

Plants the organic vegetable fruit.

DIY with easy assembly and movable.

Four side removable slide track with easy disassembly.
Special design bottom filter wire mesh and bottom drainage hole easy to clean.
Exquisite lampshade set to keep warm and speed to growth of your plants
(Light bulbs purchase separately, MAX: 60W)
Obtained global issued patents, such as Japan and USA

公司名稱: 道壹國際有限公司