More & more countries and areas put large money into researching and developing the new area after the Germany BMW public the elements of HID. At the start of 21 century, some company achieved the success. At present, more than 200 million cars use HID all over the world. It is make sure that HID will be the required parts after the ABS braking system & airbag.
Shanxi Eastlight OPTO - Electronics Co., LTD as the subordinate of Liaoning Jinzhou East Light Auto Parts Company, is an enterprise specialize in electric source and high electric development. At 2001, under the leading of Jinzhou headquarters, we had start the research of HID more than ten engineers spent more money in research, and at the same time our Headquaters put a large capital & energy.
May, 2002, through the iterative research and test of products had put into market, it showed that we had got the success in HID development. From same 2004 to 2005, we put main force to develop the international market and got big achievement.
At the end of 2005, we successfully development the new style HID electric source which is the smallest and lightest until now worldwide. Now it is put into production normal. We deciteded to put the new style into domestic market at the beginning of 2006 and the Shanxi Eeastlight OPTO - Electronics CO., TD as the first production line in north China was established in High Technolige area at Shanxi Taiyuan, and also aat the time two sales Office were set up in Beijing and Guangzhou
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