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An Yung Top Co., Ltd.An Yung Top Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing quilt-making whole-plant equipment, non-woven product machinery, pillow machinery, quilt machinery, and fiber-ball machinery.Double-opening fiber machine (AY-DF)This machine can open fiber twice, and is able to open fiber up to 90%, with a capacity of 180kg per hour. Fiber ball machine (AY-FB)Fiber ball machine with an output of 120kg/hr is able to work with a cotton-filling (pillow) machine for pillow production.Fiber laminating & forming machines1. Fiber opening machine (AY-B)This machine can easily open all kinds of baled fiber. It is equipped with a powerful magnet made of an alloy of Al, Ni, and Co, and all metallic impurities in the fiber will be fully removed by the magnet.2. Fiber auto-supply machine (AY-H)Automatically controlled by the equipped photo-electronic tube, the fiber is fed in evenly and precisely in desired amounts. Feeding width: 48″ and 60″.3. Single-cylinder doffer carding machine (AY-C)Energy-saving, easy to operate, and cost-efficient, this model is excellent for making ordinary non-woven products (e.g., quilt, pillows, waste yarn recycling products, etc.).4. Bed-type layer forming machine (AY-L)Bed-type layer forming ensures that fiber-dropping distance is even and short. Fiber layers are evenly made to feature no wrinkles. Feeding width: 48” and 60” to 100”. Layer width: 2.5m-10m. Models featuring different working capacities are also available on requests.New-type pillow filling machine (AY-P)Suitable products: Various kinds of pillows.1. Fast speed: Able to fill 2-3 American pillows per minute.2. Easy operation: Saves labor; requires only one operator.3. Installment area: Only needs 3m x 3m, height 3.5m, suitable for small spaces.4. Low breakdown rate: Easy maintenance.5. Long-fiber cotton: This machine fills pillows with 64mm long-fiber cotton raw material to increase pillow elasticity, and will not jam.
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