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Leaven Enterprise Launches Newest Eco-friendly Pest Solutions

The Leaven Enterprise Co., which has been a high-profile developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic pest repellers and related devices ever since its inception in 1981 in Taipei, northern Taiwan, recently launched its newest product: the LS-927M Electronic Rodent and Insect Eliminator and Ultrasonic A... Full Story

Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Romantic LED lamp

Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. is promoting a patented LED floor lamp codenamed SPECTRAFLUX Mood Lamp, which measures 120cm x 20cm x 20cm and is mainly composed of a solid crystal-clear acrylic tube and a 3-watt LED lighting module on the bottom of the tube. The red-green-blue (RGB) lighting module... Full Story

Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Electronic pest-control products

Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd., founded in 1982, specializes in developing and manufacturing electronic pest- and animal-control products. The company is very confident of providing reliable and quality products as well as satisfactory services. The company's new DUO PRO-PESTREPELLER is a very innov... Full Story

Leaven Takes Repelling Pests Seriously

Since its founding in 1981 in northern Taiwan, Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. has specialized in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic pest repellers for more than 25 years. Bolstered by its excellent R&D capability, Leaven has carved out market niches with its comprehensive product lines of tool... Full Story


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